TweetSponsor was a platform that connected sponsors with twitter creators to monetize their tweets.

Twitter creators could list their profile for free, whereas prospective sponsors paid a small fee to gain access to the listings.

I wasn’t exactly sure if there was a need or a desire for anyone to seek sponsorships for additional revenue using sponsorships for tweets, so I went straight into idea validation and built the MVP for TweetSponsor in 3 days.

This was also my last project of my ‘1 project per month’ challenge. One of the reasons it was built in such a short amount of time was that my challenge dictated that I launch something by the end of the month - but I hadn’t started work on anything until the 27th of September.

I listed TweetSponsor for sale, and eventually sold the project for $500 in November 2021 after I decided I wasn’t super excited about the idea.

Status: 💰