Grim Tales

Grim Tales is a short book written and illustrated entirely by AI, completed in early 2021.

Grim Tales was my first project after leaving my full-time job to work on becoming a solo developer.

I had recently built a computer and I managed to buy an Nvidia 3080. The Crypto boom and chip shortage made it almost impossible to buy - so I was lucky.

With the new compute power, I wanted to spend some time on machine learning projects. In this case, I wanted to play around with some generative art.

One of the more interesting pieces of art that was generated was a picture of the Grim Reaper with a suitcase at a beach, which I thought was pretty amusing. I wondered what other activities I could get the Grim Reaper to do, which is when I got the idea to write a story.

Unfortunately, I’m not a fiction author, so it would be pretty difficult to write a decent piece of fiction and publish it. What about AI? GPT-3 had been in the news for a little while with pretty cool results. Why not create a book written and illustrated by AI?

That’s what I did. I used GPT-3 to write a short story, and I generated the illustrations to go along side the text.

Grim Tales was published in paperback and digital formats.

I guess a finished project can’t really die. So it’s still ‘alive’, though inactive.

Status: 💤